At St Martha’s we recognise every girl has different talents so we provide opportunities to develop them, whatever they may be.  We want to foster a genuine interest in learning.

The curriculum covers creative, linguistic, mathematical, physical, religious, scientific and technological topics, all further supported by extra-curricular activities, clubs or visits.

We help develop the essential skills of speaking, listening, literacy and numeracy not only through English and Mathematics but other lessons across the syllabus.

Each pupil is helped to achieve her best through careful monitoring and tracking, and through the setting of targets that are regularly discussed with a personal tutor…thorough teaching contributes to good examination results.

Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) Report 2011 View full report


From Girl To Young Adult

We support human and social development through the PSHCE programme and the religious side of school life.  Both reflect our ethos and help girls develop a personal, moral and spiritual basis for their lives.  

Our careers guidance programme explains the continuing range of opportunities available to girls after school and prepares them for entry to their chosen paths.

Equality, Inclusion and Support

We are committed to ensuring everyone can participate as fully as possible in all areas of the curriculum, with equal opportunity to learn and progress, and provide learning support where it’s needed.

By offering such a breadth of experience, we hope to let every girl to discover areas in which she can savour success and the joy of learning.

In some subjects we set ability levels to ensure the content, approach and pace of work suit the aptitudes of all pupils.  This includes those with a statement or whom the school has identified as needing extra support (including pupils with English as a second language).