Common Good

At St Martha’s we are committed to the Churches Doctrine of the Common Good. We seek to educate our girls to be the leaders of tomorrow and in doing so to bring about a more just, conscientious and virtuous society. By its nature our pursuit of the Common Good will be holistic so it is impossible to point to one area and it says it happens here.

However, it is apparent in our community;

in our commitment to charitable giving;

Through the school Lenten Campaign we have supported the work of HCPT and Aid to the Church in Need. We regularly collect clothes for the homeless. We support the work of The Catholic Children’s Society at Advent. We are committed to supporting those in need in our local community and distribute food collect during the Harvest Festival.

our Commitment to the environment;

Our students our award of their duty to be stewards of the environment and this is pursued through our Faith in Action Environment Group. Each student is encouraged to take small step like recycling and reducing food waste. We have a system of minibuses to reduce the environmental impact of travel to school. The new Catechism of the Catholic Church calls a “religious respect for the integrity of creation” (paragraph 2415) and our students have reflected on this in retreats led by Columban missionaries.

our dedication to educating leaders of tomorrow;

The girls are continuously prompted to be the leaders of tomorrow and follow in the footsteps of inspirational Christian leaders like Martin Luther King, Dorothy Day and Archbishop Oscar Romero. The girls harness these skills taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award and the Women of the Future Programme.

our pursuit of Gospel values;                   

At the root of our commitment to the Common Good lies in our shared faith. Our students are exhorted to ‘Serve the Lord with Joy’ and follow in the example of both Martha and Mary serving Christ through thought and action. We are committed to each student receiving a thorough academic and moral education so they enter the world step in our faith. Students are equipped to tackle contemporary moral issues, they may face such as the ‘right to life’ in the context of the Churches belief in the Sanctity of Life. We seek to


Through our programme of scholarships and bursaries we seek to open the opportunity of a St Martha’s education to as many people as possible.