Careers & Further Education


Gone are the days when a school Career Dept (if there was one) consisted of a list offering just a handful of options. Nowadays everything is possible – from architect to zoologist!

Starting Young

At St Martha’s careers education is introduced via the PSCHE programme in Years 7 and 8, with increasing focus from Year 9. There are many links between the careers and other school departments as we find it effective to integrate careers guidance early.

Inspiration and Advice

Although most students go on to university they have access to a wide range of relevant, up-to-date information about all the possibilities available to them after school.  We help them decide which options to pursue, which qualifications they need and how to take first steps towards their chosen careers.

Personalised Career Planning

The school is a member of the Independent Schools Careers Organisation (ISCO) and we use their effective Futurewise  programme, a planning and advisory service for 15-23 year olds.

All Year 10 students (unless parents opt out) sit the Morrisby Profile psychometric test in June and the ISCO Regional Director leads a feedback session at the start of Year 11 in autumn. Members of the ISCO team follow this up with individual interviews to explore possible career paths.