Religious Studies


We aim to provide a framework and opportunities for the growth of faith. We encourage pupils to reflect on their own spirituality and use teaching methods similar to those used in other subjects: IT, group work, role play and oral work.

Key Stage 3

In 1st and 2nd Form students follow ‘The Way and The Truth’ syllabus, which provides a good grounding in the key beliefs and practices of the Church.  They also study other faiths – notably Judaism with whom we share a common spiritual ancestry.

Key Stage 4

In 3rd-5th Form to 11 all girls take the AQA GCSE course which covers St Mark’s Gospel and Christian Ethics, with the aim of giving girls a thorough grounding in Christianity while developing their critical reasoning.

Sixth Form (Key Stage 5)

In this popular course pupils study the OCR A-level syllabus, focusing on philosophy and ethics.

All Sixth Form pupils also take general RE to develop their ability to think for themselves and clearly express their point of view. In Lower 6th Form students study Salvation History then move on to Ethics in the Modern World in Upper 6th Form.

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