Music students at St Martha’s can learn a range of instruments, including piano, violin, viola, flute, clarinet, saxophone, acoustic or electronic guitar and drum. We also offer singing tuition.

We have one large music room equipped with a piano, keyboards and percussion instruments as well as three teaching and practice rooms.

Key Stage 3

We cover the three main elements of the national curriculum: Listening, Composing and Performing.  Girls learn about the orchestra, musical language and terminology, while studying traditional classical music, jazz and world music.

Key Stage 4

At this level study covers a wider range of music from the Baroque period to the present day, and includes regional music, pop and jazz. Students are assessed on performance of their chosen instrument, as well as compositions and a listening test.

Sixth Form (Key Stage 5)

Girls develop a real love and understanding of music as they study the greater masters, write compositions, develop aural awareness and build up performing skills. As music can’t be studied in isolation we discuss other subjects, including philosophy, culture and religion. This course acts as a good starting point for university study and a strong grounding for a career in performance.

Extra Curricular

We encourage students to enjoy any opportunities to perform (in choir, chamber orchestra or individually) at school assemblies, masses and concerts. The benefits of learning an instrument and preparing for performance also have a positive impact on many other academic activities.

Girls can join Chamber Choir or Orchestra and each term we head into the West End to see a musical.

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