Some students find mathematics straightforward and logical, for others it’s their worst nightmare.

The process of ‘doing’ maths is far more than just calculation and deduction, or arithmetic and geometry.  So we encourage pupils to appreciate how maths is a diverse discipline whose data, measurements and observations can help them understand the world around them.

Key Stage 3

In 1st and 2nd Form students cover a broad range of mathematical topics.

Key Stage 4

Girls study numbers in detail, algebra, shape and space, calculus and data handling. They have the opportunity to compete in the National Maths Challenge Competition and inter-school Hans Woyda Competition (by invitation).

Sixth Form (Key Stage 5)

Pupils study mathematics and pure mathematics, extending their skills learnt at GCSE. This challenging course demands an interest in not only the beauty of mathematics, but how it affects the physical world and society in general.

Most girls study over two years, though more able students can take Mathematics GCE in one year and then Further Mathematics in the second year. These courses complement a wide range of other A-levels – particularly Science – and help balance and support Arts or Humanities options.


This subject is available at AS and A2 level. The course develops students’ knowledge and improves the depth of their mathematical understanding through study of pure maths, statistics, mechanics and decisions mathematics.

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