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Our teaching aims to instil a lifelong love of ancient literature and civilisation. Students develop secure language skills which allow them to read and enjoy texts written in Latin. They learn how Latin influences English and other European languages and how to consider Classical Latin in a social and cultural context.

Key Stage 3
Latin starts in 2nd Form when girls learn vocabulary, study texts in detail and enjoy day trips to museums and places of interest such as the British Museum.

Key Stage 4
At GCSE girls study prose, literature and unseen language papers using the Cambridge Latin Course. Texts focus on political and social life in Rome during the early Empire, with all translation from Latin to English.

Sixth Form (Key Stage 5)
We offer Latin at AS and A2 Level for Lower and Upper 6th Form, with 10 lessons a fortnight providing a firm preparation for the OCR examination.

This course is run as an after-school club where we use a variety of teaching and learning experiences to engage students in learning to speak, read and write the Greek language. They also learn about life in another country, enriching their understanding of the world and its cultures.

We offer Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese) at AS and A2 Level for Lower and Upper 6th Form. The course involves in-depth study of Chinese language and cultures, and students also develop their research and essay writing skills. All students have individual sessions to prepare for their oral exam. We also have a Mandarin Club for KS3 and KS4 girls.

Students gain specialist skills in listening, speaking and reading and writing, and are encouraged to develop their English language skills in everyday life. We strive to ensure all students reach a high standard of accuracy in pronunciation, grammar and spelling.

Sixth Form (Key Stage 5)
We follow the IELTS courses which develop all four language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing – with an emphasis on understanding and accuracy. Over the two years, students explore a variety of topics relating to British culture. The course prepares students for the IELTS exam (required before University application) and extra tuition is available if needed.

Interested in studying a language not listed here? Let us know – we’re always looking to introduce new languages and will do our best to run a course.

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