Through study of fascinating periods in history from the Middle Ages to the Cold War, we enable students to develop vital analytical skills and better understand the world around them.

Key Stage 3
In 1st Form girls start with the medieval period then in Year 8 move on to the British Empire and the slave trade, the Industrial Revolution, English Civil Wars and French Revolution.

Key Stage 4
At GCSE students follow Edexcel’s Modern World History focusing on Nazi Germany, the Civil Rights Movement and the Cold War. This involves more independent work, allowing students to develop research skills and builds on their previous learning in 3rd Form.

Sixth Form (Key Stage 5)
A-Level students follow Edexcel’s AS and A2 History course.

AS level study includes Russia from 1881-1953, poverty, public health and the growth of government in 19th century Britain.

A2 level students look at the changing role of women from 1830-1950, choosing an aspect of the topic to investigate further, and also complete a unit on Germany 1900-1945.

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