Students learn to understand the nature and functioning of physical and human environments, while exploring their own relationship to them.

Pupils investigate local and global landscapes, the processes that affect them and how and why they change over time. There are many opportunities for girls to develop their map reading, data collection and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) skills throughout the course.

Key Stage 3
From 1sr – 2nd Form girls study natural geographic concepts and get the chance to work outside the classroom on a series of trips, helping them to grasp how places are linked together over periods of time and space.

Key Stage 4
In 3rd Form geography is an optional subject, focusing on real places, real spaces and real enquiries. The problem solving and decision-making skills required provide a firm foundation for GCSE level.

During 3rd-5th Form girls investigate the interaction of people and environments, and the importance of sustainable development. The literacy, numeracy and role-play skills they develop help enhance performance in English, Maths, Science, Drama and MFL (Modern Foreign Languages).

Sixth Form
This course contains elements of both science and humanities, offering an appreciation of the environment and the impact of people on their surroundings. Upper 6th Form students undertake independent study of a geographical area that interests them. The research, analysis and reporting of this piece of work help prepare them for the rigours of independent study at university level.

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