Enrichment (Development)


Life at St Martha’s isn’t all about academia – we recognise the importance of the curriculum beyond the classroom.

We encourage pupils to become leaders in the House System and participate in drama and musical activities. Our Enrichment Programme allows pupils to develop skills in a wide range of areas, including:

• Aerobics
• Art Appreciation
• Community Service
• Dance
• Duke of Edinburgh
• First Aid
• Lower School Mentoring
• Martial Arts
• Music Technology
• Primary School Support
• The Leith’s Cookery Skills Course
• Sign Language
• Swimming
• Swiss Ball
• Work Shadowing
• Yoga

Community Awareness
We are keen to develop pupils’ appreciation of their responsibilities in the community and so promote a range of activities involving:
• Class support in primary schools
• Guardian Angels (mentoring)
• In-school support
• Inter-house events
• Old People’s Homes
• Volunteering in Oxfam shops

Team Building
Each year we hold a popular team-building day at the beginning of the first term. It’s an excellent way to foster stronger ties between the lower and upper ends of the school, letting pupils get to know each other in a fun, friendly environment.

Sixth Form Privileges
As part of their transition to adulthood, pupils are allowed to follow a ‘workplace’ dress code rather than wear standard uniform. They can also arrange home study when possible and sign out at lunchtime provided they return on time.

Sixth-formers enjoy the use of their own Common Room to relax or even study, provided they also attend their individual private study sessions in the supervised Learning Resource Centre as recommended by the Head of Sixth Form.

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