Students develop skills in three key areas: Reading, Writing and Speaking & Listening.

Lessons are challenging and dynamic, promoting intellectual curiosity and a love of reading and creativity. Students are encouraged to be imaginative, independent thinkers, articulate in public speaking and capable of conveying a convincing argument in writing.

We have an exceptional Enrichment programme, with regular theatre trips, visiting authors, and lectures. Girls have the chance to go on residential expeditions abroad to extend their cultural awareness and literary appreciation. Recent trips include an English and Performing Arts visit to New York to take in the Broadway experience.

Key Stage 3
In 1st Form girls are exposed to a wide range of texts across different genres, including Shakespeare, nineteenth century and modern novels plus different forms of poetry and creative writing.

2nd Form students develop their understanding of Shakespearean comedy, explore poetry of the Romantic period and a modern novel, as well as undertaking a project on media texts.

Key Stage 4 (AQA)
In 3rd -5th Form students work towards two GCSEs: English Literature and English Language.

Pupils study Shakespeare and the Literary Heritage, look at representations of different cultures and explore a wide range of historical and contemporary poems. There is strong emphasis on creative writing, and students also do speaking and listening exercises to develop confidence and competence in public speaking and drama.

Sixth Form (Key Stage 5)
At A Level, students choose between English Literature and English Language.

English Literature (OCR)
This traditionally academic subject is both thought-provoking and exciting. There are ample opportunities to think independently, be imaginative and grapple with complex ideas. Students relish the chance to discuss literary and critical ideas inspired by a range of texts across different time periods.

There are regular theatre trips with the Theatre Society, visiting authors, drama-related workshops and plenty of scope for creative writing. Book Club is also a lively outlet for students who wish to share their love of literature outside of the classroom.

There is an excellent preparation programme for students wishing to study English at University, including Oxbridge level.

English Language (AQA B)
This course exposes students to the study of language in the widest sense. Students analyse written and spoken texts for a variety of audiences and purposes. They develop understanding of the ways in which underlying contexts affect different types of communication.

Students build advanced analytical skills, as well as developing powers of reason and persuasion. It fuses creativity with analysis, and there is plenty of scope for discussion about real life topics.

This fascinating subject offers students transferable skills and has considerable links to Psychology, Sociology and History. It is a good introduction to careers such as Journalism, Marketing and Law.

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