Careers Day and Careers Fair 2017

During the morning the Fourth Form explored e-learning. The videos, activity and information was designed to help students prepare for post-secondary education and provide further options for higher learning.  In the first session the Sixth Form worked on their personal statements with Mr Burke.

After break the Sixth Form continued with their personal statements whilst the Fourth Form undertook their Futurewise profiling. Futurewise provides this professional student to help them consider their personal and academic aptitudes and match it with potential careers. Sixth Formers who had taken the testing in Fourth Form, and were interviewed in Fifth Form, were given further careers counselling as part of the ongoing Futurewise support package.
Just before lunch Vivian Chan from Verve Studios spoke to us about her architectural firm. Vivian inspired staff and students by telling the girls about how she became interested in architecture, the many year she had spent obtaining the degree and the growth of her own business after she left Foster and Partners.  
At 2 pm, representatives from a variety of different areas spoke to the girls. Girls were given a set of basic questions and encouraged to ask their own as well. Everyone was supposed to speak to every visitor. Representatives include professionals from Conde Nast School of Fashion, music composition, accounting, apprentices, various entrepreneurs, publishing , computing, and immunology were there to speak to the girls.
At 5pm we held our annual UCAS evening. Students from Lower Sixth attended this event. Rasila Patel, a Cambridge law graduate, came to speak to use about the interview process at Cambridge and her initial years after graduation at a Magic Circle law firm, and her current work for the government. A representative from University of Hertfordshire also came to speak. Many details about the application process and student accommodations.
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