Business Studies & Economics


Key Stage 4
Unit 1 – Introduction to Small Business: 
Pupils study a variety of topics including business opportunities, enterprise skills, business practice, effective start-ups and assessing economic context.
Unit 2 – Investigating Small Business: 
Students carry out research into small business practices, followed by a detailed evaluation and analysis of the project.

Sixth Form
In Key Stage 5 students can take Business Studies and Economics as individual subjects.

Business Studies

Students investigate how businesses operate and consider how they can improve to benefit customers, managers, owners and the public at large. We cover Marketing, Human Resource Management and Finance and Economics, and encourage girls to develop their skills in analysis and evaluation.


We cover the global issues of poverty and wealth creation, exploring how a country’s economy can improve quality of life for its inhabitants. Other topics include employment, waste and efficiency, industrial changes and economic growth. Teaching is supported through the use of ICT, discussions and independent study.

Economics combines well with other subjects: it requires a similar analytical approach to Maths, and essay writing and research techniques like those used for History, English and Psychology.

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