Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

Over the weekend, 14 students in 3rd form successfully passed their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh assessment expedition in the Essex countryside. The students set off on their first day of walking at 11am after packing their equipment into their very large rucksacks! The first group arrived back at the campsite at 4:15pm and began setting up their tents and cooking and the second group reached the site at 6:30pm, it wasn’t until 7:30pm when the final group completed their first day of walking!

Despite the extremely long day walking, all three groups were awake and packed ready to begin by 6:15am! This was the quickest (and earliest) Mountainwise had ever seen a group get ready – we were all really impressed!

With only a few red faces from the sun and blisters on their feet, the girls did a brilliant job and should feel very proud of themselves for completing such a mentally and physically challenging expedition.

 DofE 100617(3) DofE 100617(2) DofE 100617




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