Scholarships and Bursaries





St Martha’s welcomes applications for scholarships and bursaries. Both are reviewed annually and requests for consideration should be made in writing to the Headmaster at the time of applying.


We award scholarships for September entry at 11+ and 16+ at either minor (10%) or major (25%) levels.  At 11+ these are awarded following satisfactory performance in our entrance exam and interview. Awards at 16+ are based on GCSE exams.

Sister Cecile

This is open to Catholics looking to join St Martha’s in 1st Form. This scholarship is based upon entrance test and supporting letters including one from their Parish Priest. The scholarship covers 100% of academic fees from 1st Form to Upper 6th Form.

We also invite applications in the following areas:


Eligible for:

  • 1st Form candidates who show exceptional potential in the school entrance examination
  • 6th Form candidates who achieve exceptional grades at GCSE


Candidates are invited to audition and should demonstrate ability in two instruments (voice counts as one) with at least one to Grade 5. The award includes tuition in one instrument and we expect the recipient to make a significant contribution to the musical life of the school.


Candidates present their portfolio of work to date, will be asked to produce a small piece of work in a preferred medium and should provide a letter of endorsement from their previous school.


Candidates attend a practical assessment and interview. Those entering at 6th Form should be at County standard in their chosen sport and we expect the recipient(s) to play a full part in the sporting life of the school.

Performing Arts

Candidates will be asked to audition in their chosen discipline and interview. Supporting evidence from outside clubs and societies would be beneficial.


Scholarship Application: please complete our Registration Form and email or post it to us along with a covering letter.



Each year a limited bursary fund is available and issued on a means-tested basis.  We consider applications from both current and prospective families. 

Bursary application form

If you have any questions, please contact the Bursar’s Office on or 0208 449 6889.